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Hello. Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. I hope you’ve had the chance to browse through my galleries, and more than that, I hope you find images you like here. My work covers a wide range of interests including outdoor photography, sports, and life style. In one sentence, I love to have fun. In addition to my passion for photography, I also have intense interests that include marathon and triathlon competitions with twenty marathons including two Boston Marathon finishes. During the last five years, I also have completed a dozen or so sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and a Full Ironman. I feel strongly that passion and desire drives excellence. I'm excited about photography and should I have the opportunity to work for you, I want you to have as much fun having your photograph taken as I am having fun taking your photograph. Your photographs are important to you and I know that capturing those images and editing them to be exactly to your liking is the key to my success and your happiness. My best outcome is a completely satisfied client and I am committed to delivering a quality product. Please email or call me to discuss your particular project and requirements. I will guarantee competitive rates and a quality product. 



A Few Things About Me




Age: 62

Born In: Fort Hood, Texas.  Raised in Beaumont, Texas

Lives Now: Broken Arrow, OK since 1978

Where I work: Retired from IBM (“And I still have a fun part-time  job working with really cool people and "wiz-bang" technology”)

Hobbies (for now):  Semi-Professional Photographer, Custom Woodworking/Furniture Design, Outdoor Adventure and Action  Junky,  Run/Bike/Swim, Precision Marksmanship

Stuff I’m Proud Of: 

  • Through the grace of God, My Family, and My Friends, I am a cancer survivor
  • My wife and three wonderful children - Lorraine, Linzey, Lauren, and Collin
  •  I’ve completed twenty marathons including two Boston Marathons and a 50 mile Ultra-Marathon.
  •  I am a licensed single-engine private pilot and even once sky dived to see what it feels like to jump out of a perfectly working airplane
  • Eleven months after my successful prostate cancer surgery, I was able to finish a Full Ironman distance triathlon (140.6 miles) in 14 hr 34 minutes. My family was there at the finish line to celebrate with me.

What I do: Besides being a dad and a husband with an amazing family, I’m  a  retired Information Technology Consultant and able to pursue my dreams and adventures with my lovely wife, Lorraine.  I strive to continue to create new learning opportunities and new experiences  for myself and seek opportunities to help in my community. 

What excites me: I love being outdoors under a wide open sky with the wind and sun in my face. I have a long list of hobbies that I love intensely.  Being a triathlete  seems to always keep me engaged in various stages of training whether its swimming, biking, or running.  I also make time for photography, woodworking, adventure backpacking, and a few other activities when time is available.   You know, the usual stuff.

Little Known Fact: I’m a certified Open-Water Scuba Diver.

Random Tidbit #1: I am  associated with a special group of guys (6) who have hiked together over 500 miles in the Grand Canyon. On two occasions, we assisted in the helicopter rescue of  hikers who were in distress and needed medical attention.

Random Tidbit #2:  The last fifteen years of running and biking have been interesting with regard to wear and tear on my body as I've broken or fractured my left leg, my right foot, my right collar bone, two ribs, an Achilles reconstruction, and one concussion.  In one of those crashes, I ruined a perfectly good $2,000 bicycle too and had my first (and I hope only) rescue by the Broken Arrow fire department EMTs.