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I ran my first 5K in 1980. I'm blessed that my three children - Linzey, Lauren, and Collin have embraced an active life style that enables them to test their individual physical and mental limits against themselves and others in competition. I'm pretty sure they will continue down this road.
Redman Ironman 2011Redman Ironman 2011A long day.Man, I needed this.Three IV bottles can do  wonders for you.Hotter-n-Hell 100 MileGot run over by three bikes.Lost some skin and blood.  I road another 80 miles  to finish. It hurt.Tough Lady LaurenI sure hope there are no sharks out here!Just get me out this freaking lake.Lauren's probably thinking - Dad, you've almost max'd out again!!Tough Ladies Linzey and Lauren at the Tulsa RunLandRun Ride 2015

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