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View from the 12,000' level on Mt. Humphrey.The view from the Saddle.The view toward Mt. Agassiz.Pano view from the summit of Mt. Humphrey at 12,600'Pano view from the summit of Mt. Humphrey at 12,600'Typical terrain hiking up or down from the Mogollon Rim.West Clear CreekRock WallSometimes you have to climb over or around obstacles.A cactus can take root in the strangest of places. This is in a rock crevice.Before each hike, we touch our hiking sticks together and say a short prayer to gives thanks.Rare Sun HaloSun HaloMogollon Rim view thick with Ponderosa Pine trees.A really cool Mountain Cabin @ 7,000' elevation.View of the Mogollon RimView of the Mogollon RimLunch break.  No Subway shop out here.

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